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Physical meaning of signal(dBm)&noise(dBm) in OmniPeek

Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 12:04 am
by caihkai
Dear all,

I am using OmniPeek to capture wireless traffic in 802.11 networks. I noticed signal(dBm) and noise(dBm) are given for each capturedpacket.

My quesion is what are the physical meaning of these values or how OminiPeek measure them.

For signal(dBm), is it the received RSSI or SNR or something else?

How OminiPeek measure the power of noises? Does it result from either thermal noise or ambient wireless signal?

I can not find any materials on how OmniPeek gather these statistics. Would you please give me some hints?

Thank you all in advance.