about Drivers --- Super G

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about Drivers --- Super G

Postby Pierre » Tue Feb 12, 2008 3:17 am

in drivers 4229 I found those lines:

ATHER.DeviceDesc.1051 = "Atheros AR5005GS Cardbus Wireless Network Adapter"
ATHER.DeviceDesc.2051 = "Atheros AR5005GS Mini PCI Wireless Network Adapter"
ATHER.DeviceDesc.1053 = "Atheros AR5005GS Cardbus Wireless Network Adapter"
ATHER.DeviceDesc.2053 = "Atheros AR5005GS Mini PCI Wireless Network Adapter"
ATHER.DeviceDesc.1062 = "Atheros AR5006XS Cardbus Wireless Network Adapter"
ATHER.DeviceDesc.2062 = "Atheros AR5006XS Mini PCI Wireless Network Adapter"

And I found the part before equal sign in the driver of a super-G card.(TL-WN650G)

So, I'm thinking here it can works with some Super G Card.
DJWP, why you are always said that it didn't support super-G. Which place you found this data? Sorry for doubt your saying, answer me please,thank you . (I'm getting to buy a wifi card, but I do not want to buy 54M , it's only cheap 2~3 $)

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It's Possible

Postby DJWP » Tue Feb 12, 2008 9:26 am

The .inf file contains those entries because the WildPackets driver is based on the Atheros driver code provided to us by that vendor. If you are successful in getting our driver to work with one of the Super G adapters, please let us know. Although this may be possible, the Super G adapters are not officially supported by WildPackets.

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