Intel Wifi 5100 driver
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Intel Wifi 5100 driver

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I've seen in the forums some questions about the Wifi 5100 adapter and that it is not supported in the current releases.

The thing I find hard to understand is, why the adapter is not supported and why it is STILL not supported.

Almost all middle and high level notebooks sold at the last 4-6 months have 5100 or 5300 adapters built in. As far as I can search, most of the notebooks already sold have 5100 adapter built in. With the new and wonderful "Intel My Wifi" technology, the adapter will get more and more attention every day. Since it is an affordable adapter with 300 Mpbs Draft-N support, I find it hard to understand why the compatible driver for 5100 adapter is still not released by wildpackets.

I don't think that wildpackets would have any problems with Intel about releasing the driver for 5100 adapter, since Intel somewhow "recommends" Omnipeek for testing purpases. Waiting for the driver release as soon as possible!

PS: One more thing I've seen in the forums is the problem with the 64 bit drivers. This is another thing I find hard to understand, since almost all notebooks today supports 64 bit and the future of the computing is slowly but steady going on the way to 64 bit OS's. Since drivers for network adapters are more and more easily developed than other complex hardware drivers, it shouldn't be hard for a company like Wildpackets to create the drivers for 64 bit OS's.


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RE: Intel Wifi 5100 driver

Postby DJWP » Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:36 pm

Since version 4.1, OmniPeek has supported the Centrino 3945abg chipset. This was because Intel made the effort to allow this chipset to be put into ISV promiscuous mode. They have not yet done this with any of their 802.11n chipsets such as the 4965a/g/n or the 5100 or the 5300. It is completely incumbent upon Intel to make this change. Once they do, OmniPeek will work fine with that chipset.

All the necessary coding is already contained in OmniPeek, it is up to Intel at this point to make the necessary changes.

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