A little work...a little .inf, Belkin F5D8053

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A little work...a little .inf, Belkin F5D8053

Postby brenny » Mon Jun 16, 2008 6:56 pm

The Belkin F5D8053 uses the Ralink RT2870 chipset and I don't mind admitting to being more than a little miffed when the Ralink USB Driver through 'MyPeek' failed to recognise the card.

For some reason this particular USB stick cost close to £80.00 when bought but all is not lost if you are in a similar predicament.

The driver provided by Ralink does indeed fit the bill, it is the '.inf' file that is lacking.

To clarify, the descriptor lines are missing from 'rt2870.inf' that tells windows which devices the driver 'rt2870.sys' supports.

The 'rt2870.inf' file needs to be modified to include the 'Belkin Device ID'.

Add these lines inside 'rt2870.inf' in order for windows AND OmniPeek to recognise the device.


**In the section [Manufacturer]**

%Belkin% = Belkin

; DisplayName Section DeviceID
; ----------- ------- --------
%Belkin.DeviceDesc% = Belkin.ndi, USB\VID_050D&PID_8053

**In the section 'Windows 9X specific entries'**

AddReg = USB_050D_8053.ndi.reg, Common.reg, USB9X.ndi.reg
CopyFiles = win9x.CopyFiles

**In the section 'NT specific entries'**

AddReg = Common.reg, RTUSB.ndi.NT.reg
Characteristics = 0x84 ; NCF_REMOVABLE | NCF_HAS_UI | NCF_PHYSICAL
BusType = 15 ;USB
CopyFiles = NT.CopyFiles


; NT services sections

AddService = rt2870, 2, Generic.Service, common.EventLog

**In the section 'DeviceID for Win9X'**

HKR, Ndi, DeviceID, 0, "USB\VID_050D&PID_8053"

**In the section 'Strings'**

Belkin = "Belkin Corporation"

**In the section 'Generic.DeviceDesc'**

Belkin.DeviceDesc = "Belkin F5D8053 N Wireless USB Adapter"

Note: Lines starting '**' are for location obviously and are not added to the '.inf'


If you are not sure what you are doing then please make sure to back-up the driver and .inf file first!

I will give a fuller explanation if requested.

Incidentally, this procedure does not modify the actual driver in any way, it only adds device ID to the '.inf' file. Therefore I don't believe I have violated anyone's IP!

However, Ralink are unlikely to provide support if you've been faffing about with their driver.

Likewise, please remember that this is a third party driver in the first place and support is not provided by Wildpackets!

Placing the lines in the proper sections is important.

The 'Belkin F5D8053' is now working very well indeed with OmniPeek, very extensive range.

The same atrocious memory usage is prevalent as per the 'DWA-140'; see that post for solutions.

With the above modifications I have added the 'Belkin F5D8053' to the list of compatible adapters.

Officially though, it might be best to await an updated driver from Ralink.

I hope this has been useful for some people,

take care


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